“Dessi Nikko is an Eastern European award-winning novelist and filmmaker. Her thing is contemporary psychological fiction.”

All right, this was the official part. Now grab a glass of whisky and let me introduce myself properly…


LIVE in Bulgaria and plan to stay here even though Bulgarians’ favourite small-talk topic is ‘fleeing abroad’.

GRADUATED in PR and Film Directing but most importantly from the University of Life with some pretty rough specialties like growing up in a post-socialism community, witnessing domestic violence in my family, going to jail in a foreign country, overcoming substance abuse, not overcoming other addictions, divorcing someone who officially claims his desire to kill me.

AM telling you all this because I want you to feel safe with me. None of your secrets will make me shy away, fear or judge.

FEEL grateful for everything that ever happened to me because eventually, I emerged stronger. I think now I am a good model for my daughter. Still, the better model is she.

LAUGH almost all the time. When I don’t laugh, I cry. Both are healthy.

LOVE contemporary psychological fiction, dark humour, satire, all art edgy, urban, outrageous.

HATE it when people hate independent authors. What happened to the free spirit?

KNEW I was a writer as soon as I learned how to write. Meanwhile, I worked as a lifeguard, an English teacher, a lifestyle magazine editor and a waitress. In this order. Because I considered all this a good psychological training for my craft.

WRITE semi-memoir fiction. Until naked. Everything is inspired by real people and events I’ve crushed head-first into. And by the voices in my head, of course, hence the quirky elements that happen to appear in my work at times.

BELIEVE honesty is the most important thing about art. You can’t lie. People will always tell if you do.

HOPE you will find my intimate universe empowering, awakening or at least thought-provoking.

Welcome to my world and feel free to share yours with me too!

Проектът е реализиран с финансовата подкрепа на Национален фонд „Култура” по програма


Dessi Nikko